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The Earthquake Game: A Legendary Moment in LSU's Tiger Stadium

In the annals of college football, few games have left an impact—literally and figuratively—quite like the "Earthquake Game" at Louisiana State University's Tiger Stadium. This legendary match, played on October 8, 1988, between LSU and Auburn, is remembered not just for its climactic finish but for its seismic impact.

The Setting: A Rivalry in Death Valley

Tiger Stadium, affectionately known as Death Valley, has long been feared by visiting teams due to its deafening noise levels and intense atmosphere. On that fateful night, LSU faced a formidable Auburn team in a defensive standoff that kept everyone on edge. As the game progressed, the tension was palpable, with neither side giving an inch.

The Climactic Moment

With LSU trailing 6-0 and the game nearing its end, the Tigers faced a fourth down at Auburn's 11-yard line. LSU quarterback Tommy Hodson connected with running back Eddie Fuller for a touchdown, a moment that unleashed a deafening roar from the crowd of over 79,000 fans. The sheer volume and intensity of the cheer were so powerful that it was recorded as a seismic event by a seismograph located in LSU's Geology Department, nearly 1,000 feet away from the stadium.

The Aftermath: A Victory and a Legend

LSU won the game 7-6, but the story didn't end there. News of the seismic recording spread, immortalizing the game as the "Earthquake Game." This event became a symbol of the passion and spirit of LSU fans, showcasing the impact they could have on a game.

The Legacy

The Earthquake Game has since become a part of LSU folklore, a story passed down through generations. It's a testament to the electrifying atmosphere of Tiger Stadium and its ability to influence the outcome of a game. It also speaks to the passionate and unwavering support of the LSU fanbase, whose energy can literally shake the ground.

The Earthquake Game remains a defining moment in college football history, illustrating the unique bond between a team and its fans. It's a reminder of the power of sports to create unforgettable moments and the special magic that can only be found in places like LSU's Death Valley.


The Earthquake Game is more than just a historic win for LSU; it's a story about the spirit of college football, the intensity of rivalry games, and the unforgettable experiences that define sports. It remains a proud chapter in the history of LSU and a reminder of why Tiger Stadium is one of the most revered venues in all of sports.

For more detailed accounts and insights into this legendary game, exploring resources like LSU Athletics archives and sports history publications would provide a deeper dive into this remarkable event in college football history.


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