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Get to Know Us

Tiger Hype was established in 2011 to get LSU fans hyped up for the next Football game by supplying them with memes and hype videos each week. We carefully scour the internet looking for Hype content so you don't have to. We then organize it by adversary so you can easily utilize it when talking sh*t about another team. Each game we supply our followers with new material making hate week that much better. It's all in good fun, but if you are easily offended you may want to leave now. -Create an Earthquake

Meet Team Tiger Hype

Meet the passionate team behind on our Team page. Dedicated LSU fans and experts, our crew brings you the best in LSU sports coverage. Get to know the faces fueling your ultimate LSU fan experience!

Join the Team

Tiger Hype is actively looking for interns and contributors to help manage it's social media pages, write articles and create podcasts each week.

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